Proactive Monitoring, Detection and Location of Faults On Live Power Networks.

CableGuardian is the first platform to offer proactive monitoring, detection and location of both insulator and conductor faults on live low voltage unearthed power distribution systems. This award-winning product encompasses proven technology with extensive industrial heritage in challenging environments to provide a distributed and intelligent cable infrastructure health monitoring system for various electrical industries.

CableGuardian Guide

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Why CableGuardian?

Award Winning Product.

CABLEGUARDIAN is an award winning product developed by VIPER INNOVATIONS, which brings together insulation resistance monitoring and conductor monitoring technologies into a single platform to enable continuous monitoring, fault diagnosis and location on live electrical systems.

Proactive Monitoring, Detection and Location.

It is the only product to offer proactive monitoring, detection and location of both insulator and conductor faults on live signalling power systems as specified in Network Rail specification NR/L2/SIGELP/27725.

Reduce Manual Fault-finding.

This unique product provides continuous monitoring of live signalling power supply systems at a cable section level without the need to power down the system, reducing the need for manual trackside fault-finding, reducing maintenance costs and ‘boots on ballast’.

No More Periodic Testing.

CableGuardian is the technological alternative to the 5 yearly manual cable testing requirement NR/L2/SIGELP/50000. Empowering the rail industry to move from the uncertainty of periodic testing, to a real-time condition based approach.

Product Features.

  • Monitors core to earth insulation resistance health at a sub-network cable section level
  • Monitors for core to core short and open circuit faults and locates to accuracy within 2% of cable length
  • Configurable for Tier 3, 2 & 1 monitoring i.a.w Network Rail NR/L2/SIGELP/27725
  • User friendly cloud hosted portal interface accessible via any device with a web browser
  • Input power can be from domestic supply or from line being monitored
  • All units are interchangeable – no master slave relationships for maximum redundancy
  • Robust communications options available including network agnostic cellular mobile, Ethernet and fibre optic.
  • Fully compatible with Network Rail Intelligent Infrastructure for Tier 3, 2 & 1 monitoring
  • Fewer boots on ballast fault finding and cable testing
  • Quickly and accurately locate cable faults and cable theft
  • User friendly web portal for fault diagnosis and location
  • Analytics facilitate proactive rather than reactive maintenance
  • Permits a move from a frequency based inspection regime to one driven by actual asset condition and performance
  • Reducing risks to trackside personnel and the general public
  • Railway signalling power distribution systems
  • Mission critical IT (unearthed) electrical distribution systems

CableGuardian Enables Swift Repair and Avoids Costly Train Delays for Network Rail.

In this case study, discover how CableGuardian was used to quickly identify fault locations on the West Coast Main Line Signalling Power System at Euxton ASC, enabling a swift repair and avoidance of costly train delays.

Once installed, Network Rail personnel commented on the ease with which the CableGuardian equipment could be installed and used for testing.


Key Electrical Interfaces:

  • Input Power Supply (wiring options):
    • 110V AC 47/63Hz “domestic supply”
    • 230V AC 47/63Hz “domestic supply”
    • Direct from Line Supply being monitored
  • Line Supply Conditions:
    • Voltage: 350V to 690Vac
    • Frequency: 47Hz to 63Hz
  • Power Consumption: 25W typical 30W maximum
  • Earth Connections: Functional Earth via connector No Protective Earth required

Key Product Standards:

  • Safety: IEC 61140:
    • Protection Class II
  • BS EN 61010-1:
    • Overvoltage Category III (110/230V Mains & 690V1 Line)
    • Pollution degree 2
  • BS EN 61010-2-030:
    • Measurement Category III
  • Electro-Magnetic Compatibility:
    • In accordance with BS EN 50121-5, BS EN 61326-1 & BS EN 61326-2-4
  • Insulation Monitoring Device:
    • IEC 61557-1 IEC 61557-8
  • Network Rail:
    • NR/L2/SIGELP/27725

For the comprehensive product specification please refer to the product datasheet resource.

  • Item typically available ex-stock from Viper Portishead address.
  • Stocked Part Number – VA-223619
  • A range of standard interface panels and cable harnesses are available for retrofit applications in all major SPCS vendor Electrical Power Unit (EPU) cabinets.
  • Please complete the V-LIM product questionnaire under the resources tab and email to to allow us to provide a tailored quotation to match your specific project requirements

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