A key strategic value of the business is that we contribute positively to the social, educational, and economic wellbeing of our communities, and that we are a good neighbour and community member – locally, regionally, and nationally.

We will invest in the communities where we live and work. We will support education locally through initiatives such as student sponsorship, apprenticeships, work experience and other programmes such as Young Enterprise where we can offer benefit and opportunities in our communities.


Viper Innovations acknowledges the importance of giving back to society; therefore, we are always active in the community. We support local, educational, and environmental initiatives.

Some of our initiatives include the May Walking Month, Litter Picking Initiative, Young Enterprise Charitable Scheme, MacMillan Coffee Morning, and Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal.

Charity Initiatives


Education is at the heart of Viper’s core values, and as a result we have supported many local schools, colleges and universities through work experience, internships, mentoring and sponsorships.

We have sponsored the Young Enterprise charitable scheme annually for the past four years, we have also provided a business mentor and business judges. In 2018 and 2019 we financially sponsored and provided trainers and facilities for a local initiative called ‘Coding Bug’, which provides an introduction of software coding to school children (8 to 12 years age range).

Structured work experience is given to at least two school students each year and one or two internships are available for second/third year undergraduates during summer holidays. We also support, financially and through career mentoring, a local school student via the Arkwright Foundation initiative and sponsor a university undergraduate via the UK Electronic Skills Foundation Initiative.

A select number of students studying STEM subjects at local schools are invited into the offices to see new technology and/or hear from engineers about choices and training needs for a career in engineering. Our staff members also provide inspirational talks at local schools about the importance of STEM, along with providing support for career days and interview practice sessions for students.

In 2021 we welcomed Viper’s first engineering apprentices, in partnership with Weston College. The students will be able to gain invaluable skills and industry knowledge to shape their professional development.​​​​​​​

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