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CableGuardian has been designed and tested to ensure the highest level of reliability, availability and maintainability.


The CableGuardian system has been designed to be resilient to temporary loss of service of the sensor units for example due to a loss of cellular communications. If a unit or units drop out for any reason the analytics package automatically reacts and continues to operate as normal. If the unit or units comes back online the system reverts to its original configuration.

In the unlikely event that a unit needs to be replaced, all Viper needs to have sent by the installer is the serial number of the unit. The analytics will then be updated with the new unit details.


Each CableGuardian unit transmits its data, via secure internet connection, to the remotely Cloud hosted CableGuardian Data Storage and Analytics System using one of the following communications interfaces provided:

  • 4G/3G/2G Cellular (SIM embedded)
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-Tx
  • Fibre Optic 100Base-FX, LC Duplex 1300nm Multimode

For system integrators, having multiple communication methods as standard offers the potential to use more than one communication method to provide communications resilience.

The SIM card provided wihin the CableGuardian unit is mobile network agnostic. The SIM automatically connects to the mobile network with the strongest signal. If there is a problem with that network the SIM will automatically switch to the next strongest provider signal. CableGuardian is therefore resilient to an outage of any one mobile operator network.


The CableGuardian service includes cloud hosting of the data returned from the CableGuardian units, cellular data provision, data analytics/management and remote email and telephone technical support to ensure availability of the system information via the Web Portal.

Viper manage software updates to the units using a secure “over-the-air” data link. No trackside intervention is required. Periodic updates to the cloud-hosted CableGuardian web portal are provided as part of the ongoing support. Customer feedback suggestions for web portal improvements are welcomed.

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