PRESS RELEASE: Export success continues for Viper as global V-LIM sales treble

February 25, 2020

Subsea technology and engineering company, Viper Innovations recorded record sales of its V-LIM cable integrity monitoring technology during 2019, almost trebling sales compared to that of the previous year. The company, which has an established reputation with multiple global operators, increased its export sales overall by 20% and enjoyed significant growth of the V-LIM product in Canadian oil fields as well as in China, Nigeria, Malaysia and Egypt.

The V-LIM provides accurate electrical integrity data over a very wide range of insulation resistance levels. Providing precise and accurate monitoring and the ability to determine fault locations when part of a V-IR system. It is also an integral part of Viper Innovations’ unique V-LIFE electrical cable healing technology, and ensures that the subsea system is ‘V-LIFE Ready’.

“The majority of our business is with the major oil and gas field operators and during 2019 we increased our exports by 20%” said Neil Douglas, Managing Director of Viper Innovations “That is a positive indication of how our technology is recognised on a global basis. I believe part of the success of our independent growth in V-LIM sales has come off the back of the results of our unique V-LIFE product which restores and extends the life of failing umbilicals and electrical distribution equipment. Our reputation as a leading technology provider who fully understands the issues that operators face as well as providing forward thinking solutions has clearly spread.

“We have worked hard at getting our message across, the success does not happen overnight. We have continuously invested in research and development, piloted projects and travelled the globe to give talks to the industry about the capability of our products. This has resulted in more and more operators engaging with us, which has seen us create 53% of our sales overseas outside of our home market of the North Sea. I am positive that we will continue to grow and hope to build on our installations in Nigeria and add on more contracts in Egypt during 2020.”