V-ASSURE is a comprehensive and integrated package of Asset Integrity Management services that is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 55000 (Asset Management).

Whilst ISO 55000 is a generic standard and can be applied to any high value production asset (ranging from power generation and distribution infrastructure, to manufacturing plant and public utilities) Viper Innovations have structured V-ASSURE so that it can be readily and effectively applied where the asset is a Subsea Production Control System (SPCS). When applied to a SPCS the V-ASSURE approach complies with the guidelines contained in DNVGL-RP-0002 (Integrity Management of Subsea Production Systems).

Industry Standards

  • ISO 55000: Asset Management
  • DNVGL-RP-0002: Integrity Management of Subsea Production Systems

Service Description

V-ASSURE provides a methodical, auditable and cost effective means by which the availability of an existing Subsea Production Control System (SPCS) can be maximised, whether it was installed on the seabed 25 years ago or is a recent subsea tie-back. Viper Innovation’s experience demonstrates that sustaining and improving the availability of the control system through well applied integrity management has a direct impact in reducing unplanned loss of production from subsea oil and gas wells and helping to extend the life of subsea fields.   We also know that recording the fault, maintenance and repair history of a SPCS can be vital to early diagnostics and quick remediation of faults in the future; saving costly production outages and unnecessary subsea interventions.

V-ASSURE is a highly cost effective solution to asset management because it actively seeks to limit spares holdings, maintenance routines, and inspection schedules to those that are most appropriate to mitigating the assessed risks. By investing in developing and refining our data collection, analysis and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) presentation processes Viper Innovations is able to provide clients with a low cost solution to SPCS integrity management, freeing up the time of their key Subsea Controls specialists to focus on addressing critical issues rather than conducting condition monitoring.

As a comprehensive solution to the integrity management of a Subsea Production Control System V-ASSURE covers:-

  • Condition monitoring              
  • Maintenance              
  • Spares                        
  • Inspection                               
  • Obsolescence management 
  • Reaction planning                  

V-ASSURE is a risk-based approach to asset integrity management.  It considers the probability of failure of a particular component, or sub-system, of the SPCS and the consequence that the failure would have to the health & safety of personnel, to the environment, and to the production from the subsea wells.  It then highlights the appropriate mitigation measures that should be put in place to reduce the risk to a level that is acceptable to the client.  In respect of threats to SPCS operability the V-ASSURE  process is designed to convert unknown-unknowns (such as component obsolescence and degradation in circuit insulation resistance) into known-knowns (issues that are understood, located, and prioritised) where appropriate mitigation strategies can be applied.

V-ASSURE services can be broadly split into the following areas:

  • Annual Condition Assessment
  • Controls Dashboard and Integrity Map
  • Operations Support
  • Fix-on-Fail Support
  • Offshore Services
  • Planned and Reactive Maintenance
  • Engineering Support

V-ASSURE customers may choose to adopt any or all of these service offerings to suit the requirements of their particular assets, Opex budget, and attitude to production risk.

The delivery of V-ASSURE services to the customer is directed through a nominated point of contact (usually a Client Support Engineer or Subsea Controls Engineer).  The point of contact engineer for each V-ASSURE customer has direct access to a multi-disciplinary team of specialists, covering electrical, hydraulic and mechanical, software and electronics, and operates within dedicated integrity management team based in the Viper Innovations office in Aberdeen.  A key strength of the V-ASSURE team in Aberdeen is the ability to provide a consistently high level of service; covering for sickness and annual leave periods without losing focus on the support to each client.

Key facts

  • Offers a cost effective solution for subsea controls asset integrity management
  • Uses a risk-based approach to maximise SPCS availability at minimum operating cost
  • Scope of service is customised to match client requirements
  • Designed to comply with ISO 55000: Asset Management
  • Designed to comply with DNVGL-RP-0002: Integrity Management of Subsea Production Systems