The V-SLIM is the subsea deployed node in a V-IR System that identifies and locates electrical faults


With current subsea architectures, subsea power and communications are distributed from a single umbilical to many subsea control modules, each acting as a power consumer and communication node.  The electrical distribution network comprises many electrical cables and connectors all configured in a multi-drop layout with multiple 'spurs' or 'legs'.  

Currently there is no way of monitoring the electrical integrity of each of these cables and connectors individually, and if there is a failure then the only way of fault finding is through intensive intervention and part replacement until the fault disappears. Such an approach is very costly and is reactive only.


The V-SLIM enabled electrical flying leads are installed at strategic subsea locations, and any associated degradation of the subsea electrical distribution network can be measured and located with analytics. The patented V-SLIM measurement technology does not rely on any in-line electronics or switches. The lines being monitored pass straight through the unit.

Communication between units and to topside are accomplished using either:
• Viper V-NET line to earth interface
• SIIS level 3 Ethernet interface.

Host system communications are unaffected. When a fault occurs its location is evident without the need for diver or ROV operations.

An external diver deployed V-WAND is available as an alternative data recovery and firmware update option.

Key Benefits

  • Provides information to locate electrical faults without the need for an intervention
  • Compatible with existing subsea control systems
  • Minimises subsea intervention costs
  • Mitigates unplanned production loss

Key facts

  • Measure the total system insulation resistance and insulation resistance downstream of the unit
  • Additional measurements parametersn include voltage, current, power factor and insulation capacitance
  • Compatible with single phase AC or DC
  • Patented measurement technology allows wires to be routed directly through the V-SLIM with no in-line electronics or switches in-line
  • Compatible with existing topside IR verification testing activities
  • Adaptable with subsea connectors from various manufacturers