The V-LOCK is a market leading hydraulic stab plate with wide make-up tolerances to facilitate installation by ROV. Secondary and tertiary release mechanisms ensure that any failures do not result in the plate getting 'stuck' subsea. High clamping capacity means that the standard plate can accommodate high pressure couplings of both 1/2" and 1" sizes.


Hydraulic stabplates are a critical component in the subsea control system. Years of field experience and 'lessons learned' drove the design of the V-LOCK from a clean sheet of paper such that it could overcome the challenges presented by deepwater and warm water environments.  Such problems include: (i) Calcareous growth 'cementing' the two halves of the stab-plate together (ii) Higher well pressures driving the pressure ratings and therefore clamping forces of the plates even higher. (iii) Tight make-up tolerances creating difficulty for the ROVs during installation and (iii) the challenge of maintaining coupler 'float'.


The V-LOCK hydraulic stab plate provides a clamping force in excess of 33 tonnes and a separating force of over 50 tonnes.  This capability means that the plate can accommodate couplings with ratings of up to 20kpsi and also ensure that marine growth will not create a problem.  Best in class 'wide alignment tolerances' for make up ensure that ROV utilisation is kept to a minimum and the fact that the fixed plate couplings are rigidly mounted helps to keep the UTAs and SDUs to a minimum size by not requiring compliance in the small bore tubing.  Different coupling supplier options are available in order to comply with technical, client, cost or delivery preferences.

Key facts

  • Standard plate accommodates 16 couplings (1/2" and 1")
  • Larger plate design can accommodate up to 28 couplings
  • Range of Termination Heads available for interfacing to thermoplastic flying leads or steel tube flying leads
  • As well as the fixed and flying plates, the family of products include protective covers, test and flushing plates, logic covers, parking positions etc