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Sustainability Initiative Terms & Conditions

Viper Innovations Ltd are planning to plant approximately 9,000 new trees at their acquired 35.5 acre land in Somerset, UK.  We are offering to dedicate a new tree to each individual who submits a ‘Products or Services’ enquiry via the Contact Us online form between 21st February 2023 and 31st March 2023.  A maximum of one tree will be named per individual.  Participants will be asked to tick the appropriate option on the website form to ‘opt in’ for the initiative.  Once the form has been submitted, customers will receive an email asking them for their tree naming preferences.

Tree planting will start in October 2023 or at the optimum time of year for nature’s best results. This process can take many years; therefore, we cannot guarantee when your dedicated tree will be planted.  Once the tree has been planted, we will contact you via email to let you know.  We may use your ‘tree’ name on our sustainability website page and social media pages, where we will be thanking all participants.  At the point of providing the tree name, you are consenting to having the name published and, if including your company’s name, you are confirming that your company have also consented to this.  You have the right to have the ‘tree’ name removed at any time, you can also unsubscribe from receiving updates about the initiative, please contact marketing@viperinnovations.com to request this.

By taking part in this initiative you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. The sustainability initiative is not a competition; there is no monetary value or alternative. For more information about Viper Innovation’s Sustainability initiatives, click here.

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