We innovate with sustainability in mind and are working towards carbon neutrality.

Developing 31.5 acres of land.

Encouraging biodiversity.

Striving for carbon neutrality.

Actively reducing energy consumption.

Innovating with sustainability in mind.

Creating greener product solutions.

Developing 31.5 acres of land.

In July 2021, Viper purchased a plot of land comprising 31.5 acres, located 1.5 miles from the village of Stogumber in West Somerset. The land consists of 14.5 acres of woodland and 17 acres of open pastureland. It comprises both mature woodland and recently planted (2004 – 2006) younger woodland. There is also a small stream running through the site.

The primary purpose of this purchase is for carbon sequestration. This land purchase and woodland creation scheme will help Viper in its drive to offset its own carbon footprint, whilst at the same time contribute to the overall target set by the UK government to be net zero by 2050.

​​​​​​​Viper and its staff act as custodians for the existing woodland and, working with the Forestry Commission, will plant the majority of the remaining 17 acres with over 9000 new trees. In order to rewild some of the site, one field will be planted with wildflowers, along with preserving an existing bank of wild orchids. Such a large area of woodland will also help with creating a diverse and protected habitat with a focus on the ecology. Viper’s aim is to make this woodland rich in wildlife with significant biodiversity. Read our press release here.

Creating greener product solutions.

In addition to specific direct initiatives, some of Viper’s own products are positioned as ‘environmental alternatives’ for the Subsea and Rail Sectors. For example, the award-winning V-LIFE product is an environmental alternative to high carbon methods of replacing failing subsea electrical equipment, therefore helping to avoid subsea intervention and the need for intervention vessels that can emit the equivalent of 100 tonnes CO2 in just one day. Many of our existing V-LIFE customers have avoided unnecessary subsea interventions, saving them time, costs and helping them to reduce their carbon footprint as a business. Find out more in our article ‘V-LIFE – An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Replacing Failing Subsea Electrical Equipment’ here.

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Actively reducing electricity consumption.

We have driven down electricity usage on a per employee basis for the past five years, on a year-by-year basis, and have invested in energy saving equipment and infrastructure for our offices. We do however recognise that whilst continued improvement in energy efficiency is key to achieving our carbon neutral goal, electricity consumption is not the key measurement; as we transition our pool cars to electric vehicles, electricity consumption is likely to increase on a per employee basis rather than decrease. The underlying principles of reducing energy usage and measuring our overall carbon footprint remain fundamental to our operations.

Innovating with sustainability in mind.

We are compliant and certified to ISO 14001, which covers environmental management systems. Under the umbrella of this standard and internal policies, we conduct operations through efficient use of materials and energy with minimum waste, prevention of pollution and damage to the environment. Our design review process reviews the design of all products and services to have no undue environmental impact, to be safe, and to be efficient in consuming energy and natural resources. Regular reviews of environmental performance KPIs are undertaken by management to ensure there is a continued focus on improvement of the Company’s environmental performance.

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