UK Rail CP7 HLOS Statement from Viper Innovations

December 14, 2022

Reviewing the recent High Level Output Statement from the Secretary of State for Transport, laying out the desired objectives from Government to the ORR for Control Period 7, we can see that the industry will be challenged to deliver outstanding performance, accessibility for all and world-class environmental management – all while improving efficiency, operational effectiveness and ensuring solid underpinning safety management.

The big picture statements that rail will play a prominent part in the levelling-up and green agenda for the UK will be very welcome across the industry and society-at-large. Twin this with strong statements on creating supply chain stability, SME spend and the visibility of project pipelines, there is much to be positive about. It can’t be ignored, however, that there is a significant portion of the document given over to the need to modernise and drive ever-greater efficiency into the system, continuing the move away from a boots-on-ballast, hands-on method of working that exposes staff to safety risk and creates embedded inefficiency in the overall rail system.

Strong statements on the need to improve long-term asset sustainability will undoubtably drive improved punctuality and provide the financial efficiency required for a world-class railway. Strong collaboration with Local Authorities will move towards delivery of a timetable that meets local needs and will cement the devolved railway’s regional relationships. R&D will be hard-wired to the objectives in the HLOS and will be delivered collaboratively between academia, industry and RSSB. This will be monitored using a data-driven, closed-loop approach of the effectiveness of innovation expenditure – with this statement on demonstrable benefit giving us an indication of where we need to apply our efforts in the next control period.

Viper Innovations welcomes the objectives set out in the HLOS and the spirit of continuous improvement that the document is undoubtably striving for. Driving forward modern maintenance practice and contributing fully to a team-based approach to a data-driven railway is in our DNA. The requirement to demonstrably deliver forward thinking asset management and innovation, best-in-class safety performance with excellent value for money fits our vision of the rail industry perfectly and we will continue to support and collaborate with our industry partners to deliver outstanding asset management performance for your assets.

Viper’s CableGuardian system is already delivering vastly improved safety, real pounds-in-the-ground and significant delay minute savings in CP6 and will deliver even more in CP7 and beyond. Our unique technology and proactive service model has provided a never-before-seen opportunity to gain an insight into this most critical of railway assets – signalling power supplies. Our malleable technology and collaborative service model fits perfectly into both the spirit and requirements specified in the HLOS, providing the user a ready-made opportunity to deliver the railway we all need moving forward whilst also offering the opportunity to contribute to UK PLC as an exportable system.

So, if you are looking for ways to meet your CP7 targets, you will be meeting all industry requirements and more with Viper Innovations CableGuardian System – and will be joining your colleagues up and down the country who are already enjoying the benefits of this outstanding UK technology.

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