V-LIFE Turns Five

September 1, 2017

Last month we celebrated our tenth anniversary, which provided us with the opportunity to pause and reflect on all that’s happened during the last decade. Viper Innovations started life as Viper Subsea, a consultancy business, which rapidly grew from a team of three in Tickenham, to opening a second office in Aberdeen. The business quickly grew from a consultancy firm to producers of subsea distribution equipment due to our focus on research and development (R&D). Our specialist knowledge hasn’t stopped there. This focus has brought several innovative and game-changing products to market, with three more due to launch in the coming months.

We are currently celebrating another anniversary, that of one of our R&D focus products, V-LIFE. First installed in 2012, V-LIFE is an insulation resistance rejuvenation technology used on subsea electrical cables suffering from water ingress, the most common cause of failure. Installed topsides (on offshore platforms or FPSO), V-LIFE provides an alternative to invasive and costly subsea interventions and potential loss of production during the procurement of new umbilicals. V-LIFE can also provide a long-term option for those seeking to extend the life of wells, beyond the commercial viability of replacing the faulty equipment. Installed on systems with insulation resistance as low as 23KΩ’s, V-LIFE’s insulation improvement can be seen typically, within six hours. Some installations have seen improvement after just two.

Since the first field trial installation in 2012, V-LIFE’s benefits have been realised by 18 operators, globally. To date, there have been over fifty installations of V-LIFE, with more currently under consideration. For more information about how V-LIFE can support your business, please, contact us by emailing Neil.Cruickshank@viperinnovations.com or call 01224 519881.