PRESS RELEASE: V-LIM Success Story Continues as Global Sales Top 350 Units

April 13, 2022

UK Technology SME, Viper Innovations, is celebrating the continued success of its award-winning V-LIM product, as global sales of the advanced monitoring device exceed 350 units.

Specifically designed to address the demands of the subsea market, the V-LIM is an accurate and precise electrical instrument which monitors electrical cable integrity. Its advanced technology provides accurate electrical integrity data, even at very low insulation resistance (IR) levels and has been proven in field operation since 2012. Additionally, V-LIM is V-LIFE ready – an exclusive feature for subsea applications that can increase the system IR without the need for costly subsea interventions that risk introducing new faults.

Viper’s success can in large part be attributed to their commitment to continuous improvement of their processes, products and services to ensure the best possible result for customers. In a recent example, they have upgraded the V-LIM product range to include a variant that can be powered directly from a 24Vdc supply; removing the cost and complexity of voltage conversion from 230Vac and enabling a direct ‘plug and play’ solution where 24V is the existing standard. In addition, a newly developed accessory has also been released to market – the Split Line Current Transformer Coil. With the addition of this advanced accessory, Viper’s V-LIM is now the only IMD device to provide line voltage, line frequency and line current measurements in addition to the core insulation resistance monitoring functionality. This provides customers with the benefit of advanced reporting on the health of their subsea cables.

Viper’s Subsea Sales Manager, James Carnegie commented:

“As we approach another significant sales milestone for the V-LIM, it’s an opportunity to recognise the significant impact the product is making in the subsea marketplace. As we continue to engage with Operators and OEMs directly, we can see the continued demand from our clients for the V-LIM’s enhanced data monitoring abilities to support their digitalisation and asset integrity management programs.”

The company’s growth reflects their success in global sales with 43% of subsea revenues coming from export markets in the 2021/2022 financial year. To date, the V-LIM has already been used by over 30 global operators, a figure that is predicted to grow significantly following the recent appointment of three new international business development consultants in Norway, Australia and China, in addition to existing sales representation in Brazil and APAC.