V-SOURCE AC Power Conditioning Module.

Precise and Accurate Electrical Cable Integrity Monitor.

The V-SOURCE AC power conditioning module that provides efficient conversion and distortion-free output.

The V-SOURCE is an AC power conditioning module with two power options: 1500VA and 3000VA.

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The V-SOURCE output supply can be varied in voltage and frequency. Galvanic isolation is provided via the integrated output transformer and the unit contains inbuilt over current and over temperature protection. Switch-mode PWM removes harmonics from the supply and provides an output supply that is free from distortion. The AC power conditioning module is supported by inbuilt PFC if 0.99 typical at full load.

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Product Features.

  • AC adjustable output supply voltage
  • Output power 1500VA or 3000VA
  • Frequency conversion
  • Distortion-free sine wave output
  • Remote control via V-SUPPLY
  • OLED display on front panel
  • Power conditioning (i.e. removing harmonics)
  • Remote Control via interface
  • Reduces spurious power trips
  • Improves AC supply for Comms on Power (COP) and Comms and Power (CAP) performance.
  • Allows conversion of platform frequency
  • Electro-Hydraulic Subsea Production Control Systems

Key Electrical Interfaces:

  • Input Power Supply:
    • 90V to 265V AC 50/60Hz (1.5kVA)
    • 90V to 265V AC 50/60Hz (3kVA)
  • Output Voltage:
    • Programmable up to 270V AC
    • Programmable frequency 45 to 450Hz
  • Maximum line current:
    • 12A continuous (3kVA)
    • 6A continuous (1.5kVA)

For the comprehensive product specification please refer to the product datasheet resource.