Remote Support & Monitoring for Subsea Customers

July 7, 2020

At Viper Innovations we are continuing to provide our usual high levels of customer service using modified processes that mitigate the risks to businesses and individuals posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. We have made this possible by offering our subsea customers a number of alternative remote support and monitoring options:

We offer remote support for V-LIM installations;

As an alternative to mobilising a Viper engineer for our V-LIM retrofit installations, we have developed enhanced V-LIM installation procedures; enabling existing competent offshore personnel to fit the monitor themselves while being guided from onshore by one our expert team members. Enabling customer installations avoids mobilisation of a Viper engineer eliminates the associated Covid-19 risk to the engineer and the offshore personnel as well as reducing installation costs.

The V-LIM provides accurate electrical integrity data over a very wide range of insulation resistance levels. It is also an integral part of Viper Innovations’ unique V-LIFE electrical cable healing technology, and ensures that the subsea system is ‘V-LIFE Ready’.

Subsea Output Module V-LIM upgrades and refurbishments;

Customers can now send their spare Subsea Output Modules (SOMs) to our facilities, where our skilled engineers can upgrade the SOMs by installing a V-LIM for precise and accurate monitoring and making them ‘V-LIFE ready’; as well as other available system upgrades. We can now offer the option of remote FAT witnessing by customers or 3rd parties eliminating the Covid-19 risks of travelling to witness on site. The refurbished SOMs are sent back to the customers for installation.

Monitor your entire Subsea Control System remotely with V-ASSURE;

V-ASSURE, our Asset Integrity Management Services for Subsea Production Control Systems; has been designed to provide our customers with a clear picture of the current status of their asset and the tools required for informed decision making.

The V-ASSURE Portal, a bespoke software application, enables remote management of the integrity of the subsea assets. Customers can instantly access clear, reliable and comprehensive information in a structured fashion whether they are working in the office, from home or on-site; allowing them to accurately evaluate and mitigate the risks to their subsea control system and avoid costly downtime.