Maximising the operational life of controls and electrical distribution equipment.

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Subsea Oil & Gas.

Viper Innovations provides electrical distribution solutions and asset integrity services for control systems for the global subsea oil and gas industry.


Improving the electrical integrity management of railway signalling power distribution networks.

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Technological solutions designed to improve the integrity management of critical electrical assets in a broad range of applications and industries.

Combining innovation and experience to add real value.

Viper Innovations provides electrical monitoring and asset integrity solutions for global industries including subsea and rail.

Our award winning products and services provide practical solutions for the real problems faced by our clients on a day to day basis whilst helping to take out cost and increase production efficiency.

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Latest News and Updates.

2804, 2021

Using Electrification and Technology to Support Rail Decarbonisation Vision

April 28th, 2021|

Working together to Target Zero: How Can Rail Innovators Contribute to Carbon Reduction? Considering the recent events across the world, it is becoming plainly obvious that climate change is upon us and it is affecting everyone’s daily lives. Global warming and poor air quality are having a devastating effect across the globe, in our ...

2204, 2021

Subsea Terminology Misnomers and Misconceptions

April 22nd, 2021|

Common Oil & Gas Terminology Misnomers Many parts of the oil and gas business use names and acronyms for pieces of equipment and processes that bear no resemblance to what they actually are and what they do.  There are, as well, words that are misused out of ignorance or inconvenience. Rig The classic example ...

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