V-LIM Electrical Line Integrity Monitoring Module.

Providing Accurate Electrical Integrity Data Even At Very Low Insulation Resistance Levels.

Specifically designed to address the demands of the Oil & Gas sector, the V-LIM is an accurate and precise sensor which monitors electrical cable integrity. It supports you through the system lifecycle: proactive maintenance on greenfields, informed decision making on brownfields, and prolonging the life of degraded cables through the use of V-LIFE.

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Precise and Accurate Electrical Cable Integrity Monitor.

Long term operation and exposure to harsh environmental conditions causes insulation degradation in cables and other electrical equipment over time. With its precise and accurate measurements of Insulation Resistance, Capacitance and other advanced electrical parameters, V-LIM not only provides a better picture of the health of the system over time, but also provides opportunities to identify problems before they arise. This allows proactive and more cost effective intervention to be undertaken based on risk and asset condition assessments rather than relying on reaction to failures after they have occurred.

The V-LIM unit employs Digital Signal Processing techniques which facilitate trending and characterisation of the system condition with reliable fault disclosure over a wide measurement range.

V-LIM has two independently adjustable alarms and relay contacts set to predefined user-configurable thresholds. When the V-LIM detects that the IR has fallen below the thresholds, the alarms activate, and the relays operate. V-LIM offers an overall system condition as a standalone unit which can be interrogated using the module’s touch LCD panel, or downloaded easily via USB A or B.

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Additionally, V-LIM is V-LIFE ready – an exclusive feature for subsea applications which can be activated to increase the system IR and availability without the need for costly intervention or risk of introducing new faults.

The principle of insulation monitoring is to apply a voltage between the copper conductors in a cable and earth and measure the resulting current that flows. Using any Insulation Monitoring Device (IMD) to monitor IR degradation in a cable which is submerged in seawater will cause damage to the copper conductors at the point where the conductor insulation is damaged. The V-LIM has been designed to substantially reduce the copper loss when compared with competing devices on the market. By enabling V-LIFE the copper loss can be almost entirely eliminated.

V-LIM forms part of Viper Innovation’s V-IR product line offering a granular view of the subsea electrical network, it’s component and cable condition, as well as fault identification and location.

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Product Features.

  • Two separately configurable alarms with associated relay contacts to take desired action
  • Timestamped measurement data is logged to internal memory
  • Touchscreen LCD and web interface displays
  • Ethernet, RS485 and 4-20mA interfaces
  • Upload firmware and configuration settings from front panel USB interfaces via memory stick or service PC
  • Download data log to memory stick or service PC
  • Compatible with temporary application of external IR test unit without physical disconnection of V-LIM
  • Multiple user security levels supported for secure access
  • Built-in self-test
  • 2 Year data storage without overwrite
  • V-LIFE cable remediation technology
  • Line Current Measurement up to 20A
  • V-SLIM integration for V-IR network condition monitoring
  • V-LIFE ready – increases IR without subsea intervention
  • Accurate monitoring and trending of IR levels over a wide range from 1kΩ to 1GΩ
  • Monitors Insulation Capacitance up to 150µF
  • Multiple power supply options
  • Interface modules allow for easy replacement of legacy equipment
  • Significantly reduces levels of copper loss compared to competing insulation monitoring devices (IMDs). Reduced further when V-LIFE is active
  • Electro-Hydraulic Subsea Production Control Systems
  • Mission critical IT (unearthed) electrical distribution systems