SSTDR S100 Cable fault detection and location.

Live Detection and Location of Faults in Electrical Cables and Wires.

The SSTDR S100 is a fully engineered, ready to integrate, board-level fault detection engine.

The fully engineered, credit card-sized board and corresponding chipset enables engineers, OEMS, end-equipment manufacturers, as well as system operators to quickly develop and integrate the ability to monitor live cables, wires and electrical systems for the detection and location of critical open and short circuits, arc faults, and hard to see intermittent events. Importantly, it can operate on live systems. The S100 also allows system operators to collect valuable baseline data that can be used to help predict and prevent outages.

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Product Features.

  • Continuous monitoring of live electrical systems
  • Detects short circuits, open circuits, circuit impedance changes
  • Detects intermittent and persistent faults
  • Distance to fault accuracy up to 98%
  • Covers wide range of cable lengths, from cms to kms
  • Multiple SSTDR S100 modules can be used on the same conductors without interference
  • Small, credit-card sized form factor
  • Fully engineered, ready to integrate board-level fault detection engine
  • Predict and prevent cable failures
  • Continuous live monitoring for open circuits, short circuits and arc faults
  • Enables location of live cable faults in complex cable harnesses
  • General industry applicability in utilities, aerospace, rail systems, PV array, telecoms,  industrial and power systems
  • Live cable monitoring
  • Live cable power theft/damage detection
  • Cable harness testing