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We are excited to announce our latest tech developments, PlatformVi and V-LIM2! These cutting-edge technologies use data and tech-driven transformational intelligence to extend subsea asset life whilst providing invaluable insights for effective asset management.

CASE STUDY: Providing a 200x Insulation Resistance Increase for GoM Operator.

In this case study, discover how V-LIFE was used to avoid a threat to the continued production of a subsea production control system located in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in a 200 times increase in insulation resistance (IR) within a week.

What We Do.

We are an award-winning high-tech DaaS model business, specializing in control system distribution solutions for the global subsea oil and gas industry. Our innovative products and services provide cutting-edge subsea distribution technology and consultancy services.

We engineer practical solutions for the real problems that our clients experience on a day-to-day basis while helping reduce costs and increase production efficiency. We have been helping operators around the world to avoid costly umbilical replacement, mitigate loss of production and keep the lights on since 2012.

We are experts in:

  • Subsea Insulation Resistance Monitoring & Recovery
  • Subsea Electrical Cable Integrity Monitoring & Fault Finding

Products & Services.

V-LIM Electrical Line Integrity Monitoring Module.

The V-LIM Line Integrity Monitor provides accurate electrical integrity data even at very low insulation resistance levels.

V-LIFE Insulation Resistance Recovery.

V-LIFE is a preventative and active ‘healing’ solution for low insulation resistance caused by water ingress.

Our Global Reach.

We deliver innovative solutions, services and expertise to customers across the globe.
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