Our Mission & Vision.

Combining bright minds and an inspirational environment to create disruptive solutions that provide transformational intelligence and value for people from data and novel technology.

We are an award-winning high-tech DaaS model business, specializing in control system distribution solutions for the global subsea oil and gas industry. Our innovative products and services provide cutting-edge subsea distribution technology and consultancy services.

We engineer practical solutions for the real problems that our clients experience on a day-to-day basis while helping reduce costs and increase production efficiency. We have been helping operators around the world to avoid costly umbilical replacement, mitigate loss of production and keep the lights on since 2012.

We Are Experts In:

  • Subsea Insulation Resistance Monitoring & Recovery
  • Online Electrical Cable Integrity Monitoring & Fault Finding

What We Do Get In Touch

Our Values.

Our History.

Viper Innovations Ltd, founded in 2007 by Directors Max Nodder and Neil Douglas, was initially set up as an Engineering Consultancy offering subsea distribution equipment design and project management services.

Since 2007, we have grown considerably, building a multi-disciplined and highly skilled team of expert engineers with a culture of creating cutting-edge innovation. Significant investment in Research and Development (R&D) has resulted in our strong pipeline of award-winning products and services, generating revenue growth derived from our own intellectual property. Our UK headquarters in Portishead and Aberdeen are populated by 70+ employees, supported by the presence of regional consultants across six continents.

In 2023, Viper Innovations Inc. was created to support the company’s expansion to one of the world’s key energy markets. Houston-based Jamie Carrig was appointed President of the subsidiary, bringing expert knowledge and experience working with operators and OEMs in the region.

Our Technologies.

Innovation at our core.

Proudly filled with incredible people and bright minds, we are agile, proactive and disruptive. Innovation is at our core and has enabled us to develop a range of market-leading products and services, which are updated regularly to provide our customers with the latest technology. It has also provided us with significant, consistent growth and diversification of our technology into new sectors and applications, led by our expert research and software teams. We have ambitious plans for further global growth, built on the foundations of our people, culture, innovation and appetite to disrupt.

Designed for reliability.

Reliability, availability and maintainability are critical considerations when designing products for the harsh and complex environments across our operating sectors. Our extensive experience means we understand the product development process and the reasons why a disciplined and rigorous approach is required for high-reliability applications. The processes we develop are used daily and regularly audited to ensure relevancy and adherence, and a continuous improvement process is employed to introduce improvements and learnings. Our level of understanding, combined with our meticulous processes and continuous improvement, ensures that designing for reliability is in our DNA.

Our Products & Services

Our Accreditations and Memberships.


We are dedicated to ensuring the smooth running and continual improvement of product and service delivery and the underlying business processes. Expertise within the QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) team includes quality control, risk assessment, and knowledge of regulations, standards and industry practices, with accredited qualifications held by team members in auditing, occupational safety and health, and environmental management.

Product quality is assured through regular monitoring and inspection. Customer quality requirements are delivered through consistent attention to detail and involvement in projects from design and development through contract review, manufacture and testing to end-of-project review, representing the customer perspective throughout. In line with our commitment to quality, environment, health, and safety, we maintain an integrated management system certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.


Viper is committed to all areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), namely workplace, environment, community, and governance. A key strategic value of the business is that we contribute positively to society and treat employees fairly. Creating an environment where employee health and well-being in both a personal and professional environment is paramount to Viper.

We ensure all business affairs are conducted through robust compliance with standards, policies, and legislation. We continuously strive to become a carbon-neutral organization by reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible and actively investing in Carbon Sequestration initiatives.

Our Global Reach.

We deliver innovative solutions, services and expertise to customers across the globe.
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