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Providing Control System Distribution Solutions for the Global Subsea Oil and Gas Industry.

We take pride in delivering cutting-edge subsea distribution technology and expert-level consultancy services to provide practical solutions for the real problems our clients experience on a day-to-day basis whilst helping to reduce cost and increase production efficiency. We have been helping operators around the world to avoid costly umbilical replacement, mitigate loss of production and keep the lights on for over a decade.

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V-LIM Electrical Line Integrity Monitoring Module.

The V-LIM Line Integrity Monitor provides accurate electrical integrity data even at very low insulation resistance levels.

V-LIFE Insulation Resistance Recovery.

V-LIFE is a preventative and active ‘healing’ solution for low insulation resistance caused by water ingress.

Electrical Line Integrity Monitoring.

Specifically designed to address the demands of the oil and gas sector, the V-LIM is an accurate and precise sensor that monitors electrical cable integrity. With its precise and accurate measurements of insulation resistance, capacitance and other advanced electrical parameters, V-LIM not only provides a better picture of the health of the system over time but also provides opportunities to identify problems before they arise. This allows proactive and more cost-effective intervention to be undertaken based on risk and asset condition assessments rather than relying on reactions to failures after they have occurred.

Insulation Resistance Recovery.

V-LIFE is a preventative and active ‘healing’ solution for low insulation resistance caused by water ingress. The V-LIFE effect is achieved by the application of a low voltage passivation signal, which generates and sustains a solid precipitate at the location(s) in the subsea circuit where seawater has ingressed. The precipitate produced is electrically insulating, and its propagation at the source of the fault results in an increase in the Insulation Resistance of the circuit, often by more than 200x. Before V-LIFE became available, expensive subsea fault-finding interventions and the replacement of cables, equipment and umbilicals were the only solutions to this problem.

Developing Innovative Technologies for Critical Industries.

We offer technological solutions designed to improve the integrity management of critical electrical assets in a broad range of applications and industries, including rail and industrial. Find out more:

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