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We are pleased to announce our latest subsea asset life-extending tools; PlatformVi and V-LIM2, which are coming soon in 2024. As a technology company, we continue to focus substantially on Research and Development, and are dedicated to bringing only the best products and services to market which offer maximum benefits for our customers.

V-LIM2 Platform Vi

Introducing V-LIM2.

Providing Accurate Electrical Integrity Data with Enhanced Features and Benefits.

Specifically designed to address the demands of the Energy sector, the V-LIM2 is an accurate and precise sensor which monitors electrical cable integrity. With enhanced features including increased IR monitoring range, power monitoring capability and improved user interface, the V-LIM2 provides support through the system lifecycle, from proactive maintenance on greenfields, informed decision making on brownfields, and prolonging the life of degraded cables through the use of V-LIFE.

V-LIM2 is an evolved technology and includes all the current capabilities of V-LIM, with many exciting new features and benefits. Our customers can easily upgrade from V-LIM or other IMD Installations to V-LIM2.

View the Features & Benefits table below for more details, including planned development targets for Enhanced IR, IC and power monitoring capabilities:

V-LIFE ready – increases IR without subsea intervention
Accurate monitoring and trending of IR levels over a wide range from 1kΩ to 1GΩ 1kΩ to 10GΩ *
Monitors Insulation Capacitance Up to 150uF Up to 500uF *
Multiple power supply options Variant 1:
  110V to 240 VAC
  140V to 335 VDC 
Variant 2:
  24 VDC
Single variant for multiple power supply options
Interface modules allow for easy replacement of legacy equipment
Significantly reduces levels of copper loss compared to competing insulation monitoring devices (IMDs). Reduced further when V-LIFE is active
Line voltage monitoring capability
Power monitoring capability X ✔*

Easy upgrade of existing V-LIM Installations NA
PlatformVi compatible
User Interface Touchscreen Enhanced interface with higher resolution touchscreen
Designed for installation into equipment in accordance with API 17F (Oil & Gas Production Control System standard)
For integration into brown field systems (retrofit upgrade)

* Development Targets

Introducing PlatformVi.

A Bespoke Subsea Asset Management Tool for Data-driven Decision-making.

PlatformVi is a bespoke data visualisation and analytics application, bringing together your system’s details and electrical integrity data into one easy to access platform.

As a V-LIM or V-LIFE customer, you will be provided with a unique and secure login, to register your Viper products and manage, upload and store your system’s critical data via the cloud, giving you access to visualised graphs and trending; allowing you to manage multiple assets and make quick data-driven decisions to maximise the life of your assets.

As experts in asset management, we have designed PlatformVi to help our customers maximise the operational life of their subsea controls and electrical distribution equipment. The application draws on the value derived from data to assist operators with proactive and predictive maintenance, enhanced safety, by predicting and indicating potential and developing issues, improving operational efficiency, and equipment service life.  

Be one of the first to view our PlatformVi overview video. You’ll also find a list of the application’s key Features and Benefits by clicking the tab below:

  • Bringing together your system’s details & electrical integrity data.
  • View your V-LIM data-trends for quick and critical decision-making.
  • Register your V-LIM & V-LIFE products.
  • Manage, upload and store your system critical data, via the cloud.
  • Access to visualised graphics and trending of multiple assets in one place.
  • View multiple channels of the same asset, allowing informed decision-making, based on overall levels of redundancy.
  • Providing visibility of when and where V-LIFE has been enabled across your assets; supporting performance review & strategic planning.

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