V-LIFE Insulation Resistance Recovery.

Recover the Electrical Integrity of Subsea Circuits.

V-LIFE is a preventative and active ‘healing’ solution for low insulation resistance caused by water ingress.

The most common cause of subsea electrical failures is the ingress of water into the cable insulation, which decreases the IR and may produce short circuits or leakage to earth. These faults often lead to loss of power and/or communications to subsea equipment and have the potential to halt production from subsea wells.

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Increases IR Without Subsea Intervention.

Recovers Multiple IR Failures Throughout The System.

Extends The Life of Failing Umbilicals and Electrical Distribution Equipment.

‘Buys Time’ Whilst a New Umbilical Is Procured.

Used As An Alternative to Installing New, Costly and Long-Lead Time Umbilicals.

Used To Delay Early Field Abandonment.

Product Features.

  • Compatible with comms on power systems
  • Provides all the features of a Line Insulation Monitor including IR measurements and configurable alarms/trips
  • Compatible with power and/or signal lines
  • A range of installation options to suit all field applications
  • Displays IR measurements graphically in real time
  • Compatible with single or three phase systems
  • Graphical touch screen LCD
  • Advanced control and configuration via USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • Typically recovers IR from kΩ to MΩ within a few days
  • Increases IR without subsea intervention
  • Recovers multiple IR failures throughout the system
  • Extends the life of failing umbilicals and electrical distribution equipment
  • ‘Buys time’ whilst a new umbilical is procured
  • Used as an alternative to installing new, costly and long-lead time umbilicals
  • Used to delay early field abandonment
  • V-LIFE “finds” the points of water ingress, no diagnostics required.
  • Electro-Hydraulic Subsea Production Control Systems

Keeping The Lights On In East Java With V-LIFE.

In this case study, discover how the V-LIFE product was used to keep the lights on in East Java by recovering a failed gas field electrical system with an 18-month replacement umbilical lead time.

This case study is an example of where V-LIFE has been used to recover and extend the life of a failed electrical system – with a significant benefit to the client.


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