Integrity Management of Critical Subsea Assets.

Proactive and Reactive Systems Management.

Ever since the company was founded in 2007 major subsea operators and independents in the UK and around the world have turned to Viper Innovations to apply their experience of control system integrity, to help them protect their investment in assets – critical to the production of oil and gas from subsea wells.

In the process of delivering these services Viper have developed a unique methodology that we call V-ASSURE. Applied both proactively to define mitigations that reduce the threat posed by the degradation and failure of components over the life of the system, and also reactively in diagnosing and repairing new and existing faults.

V-ASSURE combines the knowledge of our experienced team of engineers, along with unique and innovative software to minimise the cost of lost production and extend the lives of critical subsea systems.


Products & Services.

V-ASSURE SPCS Asset Integrity Management.

Asset Integrity Management Services for Subsea Production Control Systems.

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