The user friendly CableGuardian portal enables quick decision-making, as users are given a detailed diagnosis of fault type and location, enabling a speedy mobilisation of maintenance personnel to repair the fault.

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Learn how the user friendly CableGuardian portal enables quick decision-making, based on detailed fault diagnosis and location.


Each CableGuardian unit transmits its data, via secure internet connection, to the cloud hosted CableGuardian Data Storage and Analytics System. Complex algorithms are used to analyse the data received in order to determine the location of any faults in the system. Results and information from the analytics package are made available via the CableGuardian web portal which is accessible from any internet connected device using the necessary secure login information.

The portal has an intuitive user interface – results can be seen at a glance. Further detail is available to users if further in-depth analysis is needed. The cable integrity information is displayed in a tabulated format but can also be interrogated using an interactive map. The map graphically highlights the cable sections with the lowest IR levels. Graphs of historic system IR and IC levels can be viewed allowing trends to be reviewed by the user.

Training material on the use of the web portal can be made available to customers upon request. A single 2 to 3 hour training session is generally more than sufficient to ensure appropriate competence. Training can be provided at Viper’s facility in Portishead or remotely via teleconference with screen sharing.


The CableGuardian web portal is the main access point for the detailed system integrity information however we appreciate that Network Rail have a requirement for monitoring information to be handed off to their Intelligent Infrastructure system.

The CableGuardian portal has been developed with data hand-off to the Intelligent Infrastructure using a secure link in mind. Viper are engaged in ongoing discussions with the Network Rail Intelligent Infrastructure team in order to establish this link.

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