Fasted Installation of V-LIFE

November 29, 2017

Viper Innovations have successfully completed a record-breaking installation of our V-LIFE technology.

In September Bilal Goheer, a Viper Innovations engineer based at their Aberdeen office, installed and commissioned the company’s revolutionary V-LIFE technology on a gas production platform off the southern coast of Ireland, in a record time of just five and a half hours! The benefit of applying V-LIFE to recover the integrity of failed subsea electrical distribution circuits was seen immediately, and V-LIFE is now a vital element in sustaining the production of gas from 6 subsea wells.

The V-LIFE technology reverses the damaging effect of seawater ingress into vulnerable parts of the electrical power circuits that enable control of the subsea wells from the host platform, and it does this without the need for subsea intervention or the replacement of extremely expensive subsea infrastructure such as the production control umbilical. Not only was the installation and commissioning completed within a single shift on the platform, the whole process from the first call from the customer when they realised that they had a serious problem to the solution being applied offshore took less than 28 days.

The V-LIFE installation quickly recovered the Insulation Resistance of the subsea circuit by nearly 30MΩ, and evidence from over 50 similar installations around the globe strongly suggests that the operator can expect this to be sustained for years to come.