Press Release: CableGuardian to be Launched at Innotrans 2018

August 22, 2018

Real time monitoring of faults on LIVE cables.

Now there is a solution to monitoring electrical faults in real time on LIVE low voltage unearthed electrical systems used within rail networks. The new technology called CableGuardian has been developed by Viper Innovations. The monitoring system can inform the operator about the health status of the system using an intuitive graphical interface, potentially saving rail networks millions in fault finding costs and potential fines for service disruption.

As Steve Simpson, Engineering Manager, Viper Innovations put it, “The system, can detect the location of both insulator and conductor faults helping operators meet the increasingly demanding regulations pertaining to maintenance regimes. CableGuardian was developed in close collaboration with Network Rail in the UK and meets the Intelligent Assets and Condition Monitoring challenge statement for electrical power. We very much support Network Rail’s ambitions to reduce maintenance costs and time-related Electrification & Plant infrastructure failures. It is our belief that CableGuardian will reduce the number and duration of train delays and cancellations due to E&P infrastructure failures and to improve the overall asset management process”.

Cable Guardian is currently on trial with a major UK rail infrastructure company and is being launched at Innotrans by Viper Innovations in Hall 9 Stand 202.