Press Release: The Ultimate Guide to Electrical Insulation Resistance at the Subsea Controls Down Under Conference

October 12, 2018

Your guide to insulation resistance (IR) decision making for subsea electrical systems.

While regulations vary throughout the world, the facts about the deterioration of subsea cables do not. The physics remain the same. Any electrical insulation will begin to deteriorate after it is made. The environment in which the subsea cable lies is particularly harsh and the conditions will almost certainly increase the rate of deterioration. If the subsea cable insulation becomes compromised it increases the risks of equipment failure (and so lost production).

Viper Innovations has brought together its 500 years of combined subsea engineering experience and developed a comprehensive online guide to Insulation Resistance (IR). The guide covers what it is, why it’s important and what you can do to recover it. Understanding the true consequences of electrical insulation failures and supporting operators to reduce unnecessary costs, loss of production and even save lives, by minimizing the risk of IR deterioration and ultimately, electrical failure.

Viper Innovations together with our long-term customer Woodside, are major sponsors of the Subsea Controls Down Under Conference, where Viper Innovations will be presenting the results of experiments carried out to better understand the effects of water ingress on subsea electrical distribution system, copper loss and hydrogen generation. Subsea Controls Down Under is taking place in Perth, Australia on the 23 – 24 of October 2018.